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End of Linux Collaboration Summit

April 11, 2009

From the 8th to the 10th of April, the Linux Collaboration Summit was held in San Francisco. Of course, KDE was here.

The Linux Collaboration Summit is an exclusive event organized by the Linux Foundation to bring together people from the most important projects in the Linux ecosystem for high bandwidth communication, talks, and panel discussions.

The first day of the summit included presentations about Moblin, upcoming features in Linux and a roundtable discussion with Sun, Microsoft and Linux about cooperation between the major operating systems.

Myself, still fresh from the Akonadi sprint in Berlin, and Alex made up the initial KDE presence at the event, but Gökçen Eraslan of Pardus, a KDE based distribution in Turkey, was also attending the event.

Day two and three of the event was divided into more specialised tracks like BOF sessions on drivers, printing, mobile and naturally, desktop.

Stormy Peters delivered a talk from the GNOME perspective, and I gave a talk on the State of KDE. My talk was focussed on the KDE community, the pillars of KDE, some of the benefits of the pillars that have reached users so far and how the pillars help developers build rich featured, scalable, cross platform, future-proof software. The talk was well received, and drew lots of questions particularly about information handling technologies like Nepomuk and Akonadi.

After the talk Alex joined the panel for discussion about community integration and cooperation on the desktop. The role of and the Linux Foundation in helping to facilitate more cooperation was discussed as well as the areas where more standardisation is needed.

On the last day we KDE people went for dinner with KDE oldschooler Chris Schlaeger who is now a Linux Foundation board member Stanislav Karchebny, Scott James Remnant and a few other people. We grilled Chris all night about people who have come and gone through KDE over the last 12 years. KDE has really changed a lot in that time.