Slides from April

I still had the slides lying around from my talk at the Linux Collaboration Summit back in April, so I thought I’d post them here.

The style and content is modified from Jos’ generic KDE4 presentation. The Pillars of KDE images were made by Kamaleshwar Morjal for a few years ago. Get them on Flickr in high res if you want to use them.

3 Responses to “Slides from April”

  1. Zeke Connor Says:

    Great slides. The only thing there was no talk about Solid, just skipped to Phonon. And the dolls were a little creepy at the end ;P

    But really 25-35 million users, wow. KDE FTW

  2. steveire Says:

    Actually I did talk a bit about Solid. The slides are only half of the content. The rest is stuff I said :).

  3. jospoortvliet Says:

    @zeke: the 25-35 million users has been on there for ages. Basically, I always say it proves how numbers are lying. It’s probably at least 3 times as much – but it heavily depends on how you count. Take the 50 million Brazilian school children who use PC’s with KDE.

    They have a setup where 10 screens, mouses and keyboards are connected to one physical PC. So how do you count them. The number of screens? PC’s? Children? The same goes for most other deployments. Think about the 5-8 million EEE pc’s with KDE out there. How many have been overwritten with XP? How many Xp EEE’s have KDE on them now?Besides, we don’t even KNOW about most deployments. Think about the deployments in Asia – we have little knowledge about what is going on there, we only know the major distro’s there are KDE based. We know nothing of numbers…

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