The Buck starts here

I started a full time job with KDAB almost three weeks ago. I meant to post a blog about it before that, but I’ve been very busy.

There’s a tradition in KDAB- Actually there are many traditions in KDAB. One of them is that the first thing you get when you start the job is your plane ticket. I was sent back to Dublin immediately, which was convenient as I had some loose ends to tie up there.

Unlike sebas, I didn’t have someone living where I pay half of the rent, so I decided to move from Dublin to Berlin to start the job in the office. Most KDABians work from home, so that actually broke one of the traditions of KDAB. Now I work in an office with Till, Volker, Frank, Mirko and Marc Mutz, with Sebastian Sauer and other talented people in the other room, so I expect I’ll be working hard and doing a lot of peer-learning.

In between eating icecream and being schooled at the foosball table, I’ll be spending my time on Akonadi and other KDEPIM stuff for the next few months (including rich text processing). I have been reading the KJots bugs coming in, and I do intend to solve many of them with the 4.4 release in the Akonadi and Grantlee based rewrite of the application which is underway. One blocker to that for me is support for the concept of moving entities in Akonadi. I’ll be kicking Volker under the table about that in the next few weeks anyway.

On the blogging front, I’m going to try to get retrospective about the road to KDE Developer. Like several others before me, I planned to document the things I learned along the way and the experiences I had getting help from others. I didn’t do it at the time, but now I’m going to dig into the email archives and memories to write about how I got into KDE development from mid-2007 (And how you can too). I have a few more technical blogs to write before that though.

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