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Akonadi applications sharing notes

November 20, 2009

There has been movement lately on getting notes into and out of Akonadi and sharing them between several applications. Currently in progress is porting of KJots to Akonadi, and creating a desktop notes solution based on Akonadi.

Sounds like an excuse for a screencast.

Ogg Link

Here again I can demonstrate that data is shared between the desktop notes and KJots, as both are using Akonadi. When I update a note in either KJots or on the desktop, the other views on the note is updated automatically and instantly.

The data is shared, not copied.

On display is actually two different Plasma widgets. One of the widgets shows a single note at a time. There are several such notes in the screencast. The other widget is the notes listing widget. This widget shows all of the Notes in a particular Collection, or seen another way, pages in a KJots Book.

The drag and drop of pages or notes onto the desktop works because of the recent work by sebas in that area. Individual plasmoids can advertise that they can handle particular types of URLs, and when a drop occurs, an instance of that plasmoid can be created. All Items in Akonadi have a unique URL for these kinds of use cases.

Also on show is a KJots plasmoid, which is a simple mini KJots stuffed into a plasmoid. It too can be configured to show the books and pages below a chosen book. It would be possible to have a different KJots book on each of your activities with different scraps of information in each organized however you like it.

This is part of a wider effort to improve notes in the KDE ecosystem and make use of some of our pillars, Akonadi, Plasma and Nepomuk. It’s all at prototyping and concept stage at the moment, so if you have any ideas about how you should be able to access your notes, now is the time to speak up.

There is also some discussion started to attempt to unify the the storage format we use for notes, and hopefully make it easier to share notes between more different applications and devices. Possibly even Tomboy notes could be shared if they are stored in a shared location and someone steps up to write an Akonadi resource for it. 🙂