Flight of the Pechvogel

On Wednesday afternoon I boarded a Greyhound bus in Las Vegas, and by Thursday morning I was at the airport in San Diego to fly home to Berlin by Friday evening. It’s 8 am by my frame of reference, and I didn’t sleep on the plane because of the old guy beside me who looked so uncomfortable in his chair I thought he might collapse.

Of course, just like last time, my luggage didn’t get as far as I did. There must be some way to measure the hysteresis of my luggage–self movements. Or something, I’m very tired and I have to stay up until nighttime. But at least I learned a new German word.

There was a lot of interesting content at CampKDE which will be shared with the world in due course. Aside from the talks, it was very cool to meet KDE people I’d never met before and some that I’ve met a few times now. This side of the pond had a good turnout, but it was mostly North Americans attending. The trainings in CMake, Qt and QtEmbedded were very useful to attend too.

I should be back to the usual interesting blog posts about kde pim, more ModelView stuff and Grantlee in the next week now that I’m out of the land of distraction.


One Response to “Flight of the Pechvogel”

  1. Jaap Says:

    That’s funny, you also learned a Dutch word.

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