Grantlee v0.1.1 now available

I’ve just made a new version of Grantlee available for download. This release contains two minor fixes and one workaround for a bug (or feature?) in WebKit.

I noticed when running Grantlee unit tests against Qt4.7 that they were segfaulting on exit if they used scriptable tags. After a debugging session I’d narrowed it down to just creating a QScriptEngine in a plugin will cause a crash. Qt4.6 didn’t show the same behavior, so I thought there would be no more for me to do.

Unfortunately the segfault was caused by the fact that JavaScriptCore in WebKit was not designed to be loaded (and unloaded) in a plugin. Interesting place for a Grantlee bug to end up, I thought. That meant that it would not be directly resolved in Qt4.7.

The workaround is to build in support for QtScript template libraries directly into the grantlee_core library instead of loading it in a plugin, which is the behavior as of this release. Hopefully that’s a temporary workaround.

One Response to “Grantlee v0.1.1 now available”

  1. Grantlee in use « Steveire’s Blog Says:

    […] Ronny Yabar is using Grantlee for theming of KMail and broader KDEPIM as part of his Google Summer of Code project and has already made promising progress and uncovered a bug (fixed in Grantlee 0.1.1). […]

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