Grantlee version 0.1.4 now available

The Grantlee community is pleased to announce the release of Grantlee version 0.1.4.

This is the 3rd release of Grantlee in the month of July. Lets hope the development pace continues.

Grantlee now compiles almost cleanly with QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII and QT_NO_CAST_TO_ASCII. I say almost because I can’t actually build Grantlee with those flags by default without breaking binary compatibility, because of some interesting design decisions. Making it compile with those flags was a good learning experience though, and a step towards full localization support in Grantlee templates through multiple APIs.

Another significant new feature in this release is that Grantlee now automatically finds its own default plugins at runtime. This is something I didn’t initially implement because I wrongly thought it was a platform issue to find plugins, even default plugins. Most new users of Grantlee hit into problems with this though, and finally Michael Jansen contributed a patch to resolve the issue. This should lower the barrier to entry to developing with Grantlee a little bit and that’s always a good thing.

Michael is also doing some really cool type introspection stuff, so keep a look out for that. I think it could lead to performance improvements and increased flexibility in type handling.

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