STL documentation for Qt assistant

I’ve been getting more interested in the STL lately and I thought it would be useful to have it available in Qt assistant.

Well now it is available.

Browsing the STL in Qt Assistant

My version of the docs is a bit different to the version generated on the GNU website. I have removed the dot graphs which I consider clutter and I’ve removed internal classes which start with one and two underscores. Currently the docs include C++0x features and excludes TR1. That might change as I continue working on it though. It is also quite apparent that the documentation is incomplete, so I guess I’ll start contributing to GCC.

8 Responses to “STL documentation for Qt assistant”

  1. uku Says:

    Looks very good, is there a chance to get this for boost?

  2. Keith Rusler Says:

    Thank you for the STL version. But I agree with uku, is it possible to get a Boost one?

  3. steveire Says:

    A boost version is possible in theory. From what I hear though boost doesn’t consistently use doxygen documentation, so the results could be mixed.

    I’ll give it a try at some stage.

  4. Keith Rusler Says:

    Oh btw, sorry to bug you, is there a way to get the 4.5 STL (I noticed you have 4.4, but I use 4.5 :P), if that’s okay, if not then i’ll be happy with 4.4.

  5. steveire Says:

    Actually I might have mislabelled the documentation (this was quite quick to start, but I didn’t care much about details yet).

    I generated the docs from trunk GCC sources, so whatever version that is is what is in the docs. Can you verify that something in 4.5 but not in 4.4 is there?

  6. Keith Rusler Says:

    yeah it has std::u32string which I believe is in gcc-4.5, but trunk is 4.6, so it should be labeled pre-4.6.0 ;P. But thank you again for this.

  7. Milian Wolff Says:

    For the KDevelop users (like you, Steve) – symlink or copy that file to the dir pointed to by this command:

    qmake -query QT_INSTALL_DOCS

    And you’ll have them embedded in KDevelop 🙂

  8. Grantlee version 0.1.7 now available « Steveire's Blog Says:

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