Since my last blog, a few more bugs have been fixed in the KDE PIM 4.6 branch, so we’ve put out another RC release. This will likely become the final 4.6 version that gets tagged in a few days and released next week.

I’ve been trying to make clear that this is a usable, if not entirely bug free (or regression free) release. There is no need to fear it, but do try it. Returning to KDE PIM 4.4 may mean you lose trivial information like emails you marked read or important while using 4.6, but certainly not world-ending information loss that can never be recovered.

Still we do consider this a release worth switching to for many people. KDE PIM 4.6 will not fix all problems of all users of 4.4, but it puts us on track to get there.

13 Responses to “KDE PIM 4.6 RC2”

  1. Ivanich Says:

    And what about huge cpu eating by akonadi when kmail receiving emails? I’ve tried kdepim beta and rc1 but it was the same.

  2. Vladislav Blanton Says:

    wow, unbelievable. looking forward to giving it a swing.

  3. Jochen Says:

    Thanks for the heads up regarding KDE PIM 4.6. But using a lolcat picture for illustration might ruin one’s reputation among serious KDE users…

    • steveire Says:

      I wasn’t aware there were any serious KDE users, and if they were I wouldn’t expect them to find my blog. Most people in KDE are a little bit silly :).

  4. Francesco R. Says:

    Kmail2 is certainly great and the whole thing look very promising but it’s yet not on par with kmail1, akonadi need to be restarted often, and it lag seconds and decaseconds for many operations.
    If you want feel free to contact me via email to receive more information
    P.S. please, pretty please give me a message when it has NOT been able to send a message

  5. Manuel Mommertz Says:

    I’ve switched since the day rc1 was released. Works quite good but i couldn’t get kmail to filter mails through bogofilter. Is this an known regression or is there something wrong with my config? (I tried recreating the filters, checked that mails arrive in ‘inbox’ and not a subfolder which was needed to make filter work at all but the pipe through bogofilter just doesn’t do anything)

  6. Arthur Pemberton Says:

    I would love to see some signficant change to the address book to make it more than an MS Access/OO.org Base entry form.

    • Kevin Krammer Says:

      One of the nice effects of all these changes is that it is now way easier to create alternative UIs for working on the same data set.

      An experienced developer could probably create a new address book interface in a day, someone totally new (to KDEPIM) could probably still do it in a week.

  7. Recopilación de enlaces de interés. 22ª Semana de 2011 : KDE Blog Says:

    […] KDE PIM 4.6 RC 2. V√≠a: Steveire’s Blog […]

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