Grantlee 0.3.0 (codename Leistungswasser) now available

The Grantlee community is pleased to announce the release of Grantlee version 0.3 (Mirror). Source and binary compatibility are maintained as with all previous releases.

This release arrives almost a year after the last release and my previous blog post here. Meanwhile, I also created a new word, as commonly happens to anyone speaking German. When asking for ‘tap water’ (Leitungswasser) at a restaurant, I mistakenly asked for ‘performance water’ (Leistungswasser). When it’s water you need though, it might just as well be performance water.

As I noted in that last release, I had become interested in code coverage, and improving that was the focus of the 0.3.0 release. The some results can be seen comparing old with new in the core templates library for example, where I managed to bump line coverage to 100% in some more files, and made significant gains in others. The testcocoon tool was very useful for finding dead code too in places where I hadn’t expected it. There is still some low-hanging fruit there to increase the coverage stats, which will probably make the next release.

Also in this release is an implementation of the dictsort filter, special size and count properties on containers (eg You have {{ apples.size }} apples.).

In the textdocument library, a new patch from Laurent Montel makes it possible to generate item lists in plain text and html using Roman Numerals.

5 Responses to “Grantlee 0.3.0 (codename Leistungswasser) now available”

  1. sergio Says:

    And what did the waitress bring you ? A beer.

  2. Andreas Hartmetz Says:

    Leistungswasser sounds like something Lance Armstrong would drink.

  3. Sandro Says:

    Hi there, can Grantlee currently be built against Qt5 ? If no, any plans regarding that ?

    • steveire Says:

      Yes, there are plans. The Qt 5 based grantlee will also be a binary compatiblity break, and I’ll want to get some other things into Qt 5 first to make that possible.

  4. Grantlee 0.4.0 (codename ARM, aber Sexy) now available | Steveire's Blog Says:

    […] Cute model enthusiast « Grantlee 0.3.0 (codename Leistungswasser) now available […]

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