CMake Daemon for user tools

I’ve been working for quite some time on a daemon mode for CMake in order to make it easier to build advanced tooling for CMake. I made a video about this today:

The general idea is that CMake is started as a long-running process, and can then be communicated with via a JSON protocol.

So, for example, a client sends a request like

  "type": "code_completion_at",
  "line": 50,
  "path": "/home/stephen/dev/src/cmake-browser/CMakeLists.txt",
  "column": 7

and the daemon responds with

Many more features are implemented such as semantic annotation, variable introspection, contextual help etc, all without the client having to implement it themselves.
Aside from the daemon, I implemented a Qt client making use of all of the features, and a Kate plugin to use the debugging features in that editor. This is the subject of my talk at FOSDEM, which I previewed in Berlin last week.
Come to my talk there to learn more!

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14 Responses to “CMake Daemon for user tools”

  1. Taylor Braun-Jones Says:

    Awesome. I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time! Do you have a link to a Qt Creator bug report for the task of integrating this work with Qt Creator?

  2. fntlnz Says:

    Very interesting where can I find more about this topic? Unfortunately I will not come at FOSDEM. If there will be any video of your talk available please let me know

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  4. zerothat Says:

    Very nice! I hope the CMake refactoring mentioned here allows functionality like this to be integrated soon! I’m exploring cmake-daemon for purposes of C++ JIT in an IDE. Since I need link information I added to Source/cmServerProtocol.cxx ProcessTargetInfo():

    + auto link_info = tgt->GetLinkInformation(config);
    + root[“link_language”] = link_info->GetLinkLanguage();
    + Json::Value& out_link_libs = root[“link_libraries”] = Json::arrayValue;
    + auto link_libs = tgt->GetLinkImplementationLibraries(config);
    + for (auto const& it : link_libs->Libraries) out_link_libs.append(it);

    • steveire Says:

      Cool. I’ve made a note to add something like that to the cmake-daemon. Do you want to collaborate more on it on github?

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  7. Tarmo Pikaro Says:

    Hi !

    I have now started to develop alternative to cmake, project called syncproj. Here is a documentation in case if you’re interested:

    Main advantage over cmake is that it’s based upon C#, and can be executed as C# script. So you can debug project building if you want.

    Also first time migration (project to .cs) is also supported, and after that you can simply mimic what is written in .cs script.

  8. Joseph Garnier Says:

    Is it a way to download your Qt client ?

    Thank you,

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