Akonadi porting explained

KDEPIM oldspeak doubleplusungood. Unbellyfeel Ingo.
Akonadi correctful newspeak.
Crimespeak is slavery.
MINIPIM make rectify fullwise.
Duckspeak Till.
Party members make KDEPIM unwith oldspeak.
Remake fullwise with newspeak.
Party members fulluse Akonadi. Newmake plenty KDEPIM.
Unapplication knotes.
Goodthinkers speakwrite kde prolefeed.
Goodmake prolethinkers newspeak pluswise.
Good prolethinker comrades make inner party members.
Newspeak centerward make easy newapplications.
Telescreen #akonadi wisewatch. Speakwrite helpful party members.

7 Responses to “Akonadi porting explained”

  1. Stuart Jarvis Says:

    Nice, simple, easy to understand and authoritative. Can you summarise the KDE branding positioning in the same terms? 😉

  2. Pöh Says:


  3. Will Stephenson Says:




    if you’re in a rush.

  4. Andreas Says:

    That was very well done, I like!

  5. Dario Says:

    Hats off.

  6. cuantar Says:

    Haha, good post.

  7. The next step: Coisceim « Steveire's Blog Says:

    […] the old KDE PIM Platform applications owned the data and provided a scriptable access interface to it over D-Bus. In the new […]

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