Grantlee finally out the door

I’ve finally released Grantlee Gold v0.1.0. Some people thought it would never happen šŸ™‚

Despite the low version number, it is already quite an advanced as I’ve written about over the last few months (almost year). It has taken a long time to actually finish the release, but I’ve learned tonnes along the way. It has been very useful to have a relatively small scale project to learn new APIs and tools I hadn’t used before.

Developing Grantlee made me a git user, taught me how to use CMake beyond CMakeLists.txt files, made me get a windows development environment up including MSVC and MinGW compilers, made me learn how to use QtScript, QMetaType, QSharedPointer and boost smart pointers, how to trick doxygen into creating complete but minimal documentation, how to use valgrind, how to write unit tests properly, what those MODULE_EXPORT macros in front of class names actually do, and much more.

I’ll be publishing a mini series of Grantlee Gems to disseminate some of that knowledge during the next few days.

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