Qt DevDays 2010

I’ll be at QtDevDays next week for the first time. I’m going in a work capacity, so I’ll be assisting Till giving a QtQuick training on Monday.

For the rest of the conference I’ll be between the KDAB booth and the technical track, mostly with interest in mobile, GraphicsView, networking, licencing and open governance.

Try to catch up if you want to talk about things I know about such as Qt ModelView, string templating, QML, KDE, PIM or KDAB.

2 Responses to “Qt DevDays 2010”

  1. André Says:

    I’ll be there too, and I am quite interested in Qt ModelView, string templates (and KDAB). I’ll try to come and say hi.

  2. steveire Says:

    Sounds good. I’ll try to push as much QML, KDE and PIM into the conversation as possible 🙂

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