Grantlee version 5.3 now available

I previously announced the end of new Qt5-based Grantlee releases. The Grantlee template system is to find new life as part of KDE Frameworks 6 in the form of KTextTemplate. The Grantlee textdocument library will probably become part of another KDE library with similar scope.

Meanwhile, some changes have accumulated since the last Grantlee release, so I’ve made a new release to make them available to users. Many of the changes are small, but with a few new features which were cherry-picked from the Cutelee repo.

The other significant change is that Grantlee 5.3.0 can be built with Qt 6. This is not a change of plan regarding migration to KDE Frameworks, but is intended to assist with porting existing code to Qt 6.

Speaking of new releases, we welcomed our baby into the world almost a year ago. Years ago it was a common refrain within the KDE community to new parents to remind them, tongue in cheek, to never shake the baby. I was amused to find that the advise given as a printed book to all new Irish parents reminds the same :).

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6 Responses to “Grantlee version 5.3 now available”

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  2. Milian Says:

    Congratulations to becoming a father Stephen!

  3. Sune Says:

    What’s the code name for this release ? (Both of them; grantlee and the tiny human)

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