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Grantlee version 0.1.7 now available

October 13, 2010

The Grantlee community is pleased to announce the release of Grantlee version 0.1.7 (Mirror). I had intended to make this release a few days ago, but the last few days have not gone 100% according to plan.

This release introduces the significant feature of generic types, but it also has many other smaller improvements. Even that was not quite right, and needed some compile fixes for STL includes on FreeBSD contributed by Raphael Kubo da Costa. Thanks for the patch! Incidentally, I had just pushed a tag and put tarballs on the download server when I noticed Raphaels contribution (apparently gitorious doesn’t email you about it. How SMRT). That means that every Grantlee release has had a contribution from someone who had not contributed before. Not bad.

The ever helpful [ade] notified me that the license text in source code header files is not exactly consistent with the COPYING file. The header text used the text ‘Library General Public License’ instead of ‘Lesser General Public License’. Additionally, the license version in the headers was identified as LGPL v2 (or later) instead of LGPL v2.1 (or later), which is what COPYING claims. In practice, nobody ever distributed Grantlee under the terms of the LGPL v2. Because of the license of Qt (LGPL 2.1), the ‘or later’ clause always kicked in, and it was distributed under a license compatible with the bundle it was distributed in (LGPL 2.1). At any rate, both issues with the license text are now fixed.

Several small issues with the documentation have now also been fixed. RenderContext was missing a doxygen command @headerfile to show the correct include path in the generated documentation (#include <grantlee/rendercontext.h> instead of just <rendercontext.h>). The RenderContext class itself now has fully documented public API, as does CachingLoaderDecorator. A slight lie in the documentation was also fixed in that it claimed dynamic properties of QObject were supported in Templates, but that didn’t work. The fix of course was to add a implementation and test for that feature.

I’ve also now made documentation generation fully automatic and part of the same release script that creates source tarballs. Now after running the unit tests the script creates Qt Assistant documentation and a web friendly documentation tarball with a link to the Qt Assistant file. The Grantlee documentation now has local links to stl documentation too so that if you have it loaded in your assistant, the links will open directly in assistant. The web version opens links to the GNU generated stl documentation on the web using familiar scripts.

Opening STL documentation in assistant linked from Grantlee

The next big challenge in Grantlee is i18n, and it is definitely a tricky issue.

STL documentation for Qt assistant

October 8, 2010

I’ve been getting more interested in the STL lately and I thought it would be useful to have it available in Qt assistant.

Well now it is available.

Browsing the STL in Qt Assistant

My version of the docs is a bit different to the version generated on the GNU website. I have removed the dot graphs which I consider clutter and I’ve removed internal classes which start with one and two underscores. Currently the docs include C++0x features and excludes TR1. That might change as I continue working on it though. It is also quite apparent that the documentation is incomplete, so I guess I’ll start contributing to GCC.

Qt DevDays 2010

October 6, 2010

I’ll be at QtDevDays next week for the first time. I’m going in a work capacity, so I’ll be assisting Till giving a QtQuick training on Monday.

For the rest of the conference I’ll be between the KDAB booth and the technical track, mostly with interest in mobile, GraphicsView, networking, licencing and open governance.

Try to catch up if you want to talk about things I know about such as Qt ModelView, string templating, QML, KDE, PIM or KDAB.

Grantlee at UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek

October 5, 2010

Last week I gave a session at Ubuntu App Developer Week about Grantlee. The attendance was pretty good, and it is a useful starting point for someone who is still wondering what Grantlee is and what it is for (Is there anyone left? 🙂 ).

The logs are available on the Ubuntu site.